Media Guidelines

Visa Information

The following guidelines apply to freelance journalists or journalists employed by consumer newspapers/magazines, medical journals, news organizations, online/digital publications or trade publications, as well as, public relations, marketing or communications personnel representing exhibitors or presenters at the 2016 World Congress of Endourology.

Third Party Press Releases

  • Clearly state embargo date and time, as well as abstract number and presentation information (date, time, presenter) in release header.
  • "WCE" or "World Congress of Endourology" in the dateline or lede is not permitted. A secondary mention of WCE or Endourological Society is acceptable, but subject to review prior to dissemination. The Endourological Society reserves the right to remove literature deemed unacceptable.
  • Clearly indicate the name of industry sponsors and financial supporters.
  • Use of the WCE logo or Endourological Society logo is not permitted.

Embargo Policy

The embargo includes coverage of all research being presented, as well as all abstracts published online.

  • Embargo dates accompany all advanced materials and typically reflect the day and time the presentation, press session or course begins.
    • Coverage of the material is strictly prohibited before this date and time.
    • Embargoed information is not to be made public in any format, including print, television, radio or the internet before the embargo date.
  • Journalists are not to redistribute the information within or outside their news organizations except for the following condition:
    • Journalists may share embargoed information with experts within the field for the purpose of obtaining relevant commentary or quotes.
  • The embargo date and time must be clearly indicated on the embargoed materials.
  • Journalists are responsible for ensuring all third parties honor the embargo date.

Companies with questions about this policy should contact Christine Frey, 410-689-3731.